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Black Country Fusion

Meet the team which doesn’t discriminate. Black Country Fusion FC prides itself on being an LGBTQ+ team, and the community of Wednesfield prides itself on them.

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Sundays mean pink shirts, great skills, and a pint afterwards.

Black Country Fusion is a Sunday League football team that supports the LGBTQ+ community. Their chairwoman, Skye, is a transgender woman who keeps the ball rolling. For them, it’s something to look forward to after a week of work, and lots of Wednesfield come down to see the pink shirts play. It’s a team that includes everyone, welcomes anyone, and brings the community together. 

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Meet Skye

That makes me different, and I do like Fusion to be different

Skye is a transgender woman who started the whole team. It’s not been an easy process, but whenever she or the team get abuse, Skye is there to laugh it off and carry on.

As long as they can play football, and give us 110% on that pitch, stick to the rules we lay down for the team, they’re welcome.

Zach Latham, Midfielder
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