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Carling's catch advert


In the latest Carling advert, we find Dylan and Jon about to enjoy a pint and a game of cricket on the village green.

Carling Pint Harp advert

Pint Harp

Spread some Carling Christmas cheer and dedicate Jon's fetching rendition of Silent Night to a mate. To send a special personalised version simply follow the instructions inside.

Apple bobbing with Carling cider

Apple Bobbing

Jon and Dylan are back and this time they're making an epic attempt at apple bobbing.

Carling voodoo advert

Carling: Voodoo

Our Carling guys are back, and this time Dylan and Jon are getting ready for a spooky Halloween-themed party with a little help from a voodoo doll...

Carling trick shot

Trick Shot

Its exciting times for us here at Carling as we kick off our new campaign, check out the first ad here.

Enjoying a British summer with Carling

Carling Zest: Weatherman

Our new Carling Zest ad shows groups of mates who, in true British style, manage to get out and enjoy themselves despite the typical British summer weather of sunshine & showers.

Carling Dambusters Advert

Historic ads: Carling Black Label Campaign

Our new campaign emulates the uniquely British wit and playfulness of the "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label" heritage ads. To jog your memory, or if you were too young the first time round, weve dug out the classic Dambusters ad.

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The new Carling drinks mixer

The Drinks Mixer

Whether you love our beer, laud our innovations, laugh at our ads or plain don't like us we want to hear about it.

Carling decorators Advert

Carling Decorators

Here's our exclusive online ad that we've made to celebrate the birth of the Royal baby. Congratulations Will & Kate.