An Important Message from Carling

You may have seen news coverage in the past few days about Carling.

The stories contain a number of comments which are simply untrue and have oversimplified a very complex topic. While the legal dispute over the interpretation of UK and EU laws on beer duty was very complicated, some things are very simple.

The fact is we always label in line with all laws and regulations. We pay the correct amount of duty. The court agreed and we won the case.

There’s also been talk about Carling’s alcohol content.

This can vary slightly on a brew by brew basis. This is a normal feature of any brewing process and there will always be slight variations in the finished beer.

As with many food and drinks that contain natural ingredients there is a small degree of variability in the final product.

We always have and always will brew Carling to the highest standards, using the finest natural ingredients.

We want to thank you for your continued support and loyalty for our beer.