Would You Like To Sell Our Beer?

Are you a bar owner who constantly finds your patrons hankering after a refreshingly perfect, cold pint of Carling?

Are you a large retailer whose Carling stock is flying off the shelves?

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If you answered yes to any of these slightly dramatic questions molsoncoorsdirect.com is the perfect one-stop shop for anyone looking to buy Carling for trade. Molson Coors Direct is a beer wholesaler and supplier and it's the best place to find the best prices if you're in the beer and alcohol trade. We're one of the United Kingdom's premier beer distributers and wholesalers, so if you're looking to buy Carling for trade at great prices, we're the guys.

To get your order in or simply browse through what we have to offer, just visit molsoncoorsdirect.com. From there you'll be able to read customer testimonials, register for an account and check out the range of other products, including spirits, lagers, ales and ciders, we have to offer. You can also set up your own website using Carling's Beerfinder, which will help web users from across the country find out about your pub, where it's located and what you have to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Molson Coors Direct and grab your supply!

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