In honour of the recent Manic Street Preachers documentary No Manifesto, we run down the best album tracks from the Welsh heroes.

Little Baby Nothing (Generation Terrorists)

You could really pick anything from their debut, but for now we’re going with this chest beating fan favourite. Notable for some big ballad keys and duet with adult movie star Traci Lords. James compared her vocals to that of a ‘female Joey Ramone’.

Sleepflower (Gold Against The Soul)

This album was a Bon-Jovi-fied attempt to crack America and continues to divide opinion. There's a pretty good reason why it's the only "original" Manics album not to get a remaster, but the opening track is brilliant and the line "I feel like I'm missing pieces of sleep" is up there with some of Richie's best.

No Surface All Feeling (Everything Must Go)

Closing track that hints at the slightly more pensive direction they would take from then on: a direction that Nicky Wire would eventually describe as "elegiac pop”, because he likes saying things like that. Cracking chorus, though.

This Sullen Welsh Heart (Rewind The Film)

An album which only features an electric guitar once. This is a great song - an indicator that James is finally starting to realise they're not 18 anymore and need to stop writing songs called things like ‘Jackie Collins Existential Question Time’. Reflective, wracked with melody and absolutely gorgeous.

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