To celebrate hip-hop's greatest ever hype man's birthday, here's five brilliantly Flav moments.

1. Public Enemy

William Jonathan Drayton Jr bounced into the public eye as the technicolour class clown of Public Enemy. Acting the joker alongside straight-man Chuck D, Flav played an important role in giving Public Enemy mainstream appeal, opening the door for Chuck to deliver his powerful message through fiercely conscious lyricism.

2. The Clock

Most mere mortals wear a watch. Not Flav. Flav wears a giant clock around his neck on a chain 24/7, just to make sure he always knows what time it is. It's worth noting that despite playing the fool, Flav was a child musical prodigy and can play 15 instruments.

3. Flavor Of Love

After years out of the public eye, Flav made a welcome return to our screens and introduced himself to a whole new generation as a brilliantly eccentric reality TV star. After appearing on The Surreal Life, Flav did what all hip hop stars dream of and got his own dating show, Flavor of Love.

4. Celebrity Wife Swap

In 2012 the world took a look into Flav's Las Vegas homelife when he entered Celebrity Wife Swap with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider. We learnt that his daily routine involves tenpin bowling, we met his mother-in-law, and we were treated to one of the most fiery final confrontations in the history of the show. Turns out Flav doesn't live by anyone else's rules.

5. WWE Appearance

Perhaps for the first time in his career, Flav actually seemed normal when he made his appearance among the real-life comic book characters in the WWE. If nothing else, he got William Regal doing a freestyle which started "Straight out of Blackpool". A golden moment.

Image Credit: Picture Perfect / REX

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