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England’s top 10 ‘inch defining moments’ with Paul Ince and Jimmy Bullard

To celebrate our Pay Per Inch promotion where you can get your hands on a brand new TV for the price of its screen size, we thought we would take a look at some of the biggest ‘inch defining’ moments for England during major tournaments

Carling Pay Per Inch:The Guv’nor

We're making an offer you can't refuse with the help of The Guv'nor and Jimmy Bullard.

Score a Bargain Big Screen with Carling

Carling are helping you up your supporting game by giving away banging Samsung TVs for the price of their screen size.

Bank Holiday - The Stats

It's set to be a blank holiday according to research by Carling

#Herestogoodapples ... and whilst we're at it, bring back the summer.

Here's our tribute to all those good ones... and a much needed reminder of what summer looks like. #herestogoodapples

The Carling Shirt Amnesty

With the transfer window long closed, our team have now hung up their boots on our #CarlingShirtAmnesty and are off to do some coaching or dodgy punditry, probably. Take a look back at some of the highlights.

Football Transfer Window Countdown

We look at which clubs still have gaps to fill before the clock hits 0 on transfer deadline day. Visit the Carling blog to see who needs who.

The 5 Most Surprising Transfer Deadline Day Deals

We look at the 5 most shocking transfer deadline day deals in recent years.

Five Things That Make The FIFA Video Game Series Utterly Brilliant

FIFA video games have become a staple part of any young fan’s footballing diet. We look at 5 things that make FIFA brilliant. Visit

Best Ever French Premier League Players

We take a look at the best ever French premier league players. Visit for our starting XI.

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