Carling's refreshing Zest

Carling Zest

Carling Zest with a hint of natural citrus is back this summer. And if you can believe your luck, we are also unleashing a brand new summer flavour, Carling Zest with a refreshing hint of ginger.

Let's face it, Britain is a pretty awesome place to be when the sun is shining. Granted it's not a regular occurrence, which makes staying in on a sunny day near criminal. But come rain or shine you can at least enjoy the taste of summer with a round of refreshing Carling Zest. And our new Carling Zest ad shows groups of mates doing just that. In true British style, they manage to brighten up their day despite the wind or the rain and even on that rare occasion when the sun does appear.

Watch The new Carling Zest Weatherman advert

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